Before installing CarpeDM, we recommend to upgrade setuptools if you are using an old one:

$ pip install -U setuptools

The following Python packages are required to install CarpeDM. The latest version of each package will automatically be installed if missing.

The following packages are optional dependencies.

Install CarpeDM

Install CarpeDM via pip

We recommend installing the latest release of CarpeDM with pip:

$ pip install carpedm


Any optional dependencies can be added after installing CarpeDM. Please refer to Optional Dependencies.

Install CarpeDM from Source

You can install a development version of CarpeDM from a cloned Git repository:

$ git clone
$ cd carpedm
$ python develop

Optional Dependencies

Support Plotting and Viewing Images

Using the following (see


require matplotlib. We recommend installing it with pip:

$ pip install matplotlib

Uninstall CarpeDM

Use pip to uninstall CarpeDM:

$ pip uninstall carpedm

Upgrade CarpeDM

Just use pip with -U option:

$ pip install -U carpedm